Any High Street






Any High Street, tryptich, woodcut, relief print on Japanese Kozo paper, mounted on illuminated perspex 3x 2.44mx1.24m

The 3 large scale woodcuts depict detailed scenes of Exeter’s High Street at different times of day and night. The imagery is taken from video films of the High Street, life drawings and photography between 2010-12. Whilst being sourced from specific sites and encounters the works seeks the generic in the locale and vice versa. Members of the public can commission sections of the plates for print. In doing so they acquire a copy of each commission, another copy will be mounted on the glass plates. Participants become shareholders of the idea, but also part of a group of patrons who pay for the coming together of the artwork. The pricing is aimed at inclusion, commissions can be made from £5. Any High Street is set to tour UK cities until every section of each plate has been commissioned.


Any High Street, detail

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