Cell/Pastoral 2009

“…an exceptional piece both in concept and execution”

Peter Randall Page, sculptor and jury member at Torre Abbey Contemporary Open 2010

“…of Turner Prize winning quality… an exceptionally thoughtful piece.”

Amelia Mariette, Keeper of Arts Torre Abbey

Cell and its twin piece Pastoral were made for the Transitions exhibitions in 2009, curated by Rita Parente and Francis Yves. Artists were invited to use the decommissioned prison cells at Rougemont Castle, the former Crown Court in Exeter to produce and exhibit new work.  The holding cells in the basement are made of galvanized steel sheets riveted onto a structural cage. Awaiting trial, prisoners scratched messages into the paintwork of the walls. Click here to see interactive panos of Pastoral and Cell.


Cell 2009 – Cell floating 1 foot above ground, illuminated from inside, prints facing centre. For this work the walls of one cell were removed with an angle grinder and printed sheet by sheet intaglio on translucent Japanese paper. Re-assemled to scale, the paper cell acknowledges the reality of the original by inverting and transcending its tomb-like properties. First exhibited at Transitions, London Bargehouse, South Bank, 2009, Cell recently won the Jury Prize at Torre Abbey Contemporary Open. View pictures: 1 234.


Pastoral 2009 – Holding cell at former Exeter Crown Court, Rougemont Castle, Exeter. The picture is based on an early 19th century engraving of Bicton House near Exeter. Black paint on cell wall. Pastoral scratched out with screwdriver. Viewings can be arranged. View pictures: 12 34