Cupboard Revolutions


A participatory installation evolving in scenes


The explosives chamber at the Phoenix contains a set of balancing scales to collect coins from the general public. Once a critical mass is reached the scales swing and action man will blast the crap out of the cupboard. Over the course of the next month the general public are invited to suggest their own cupboard revolutions..


“We do live in troublesome times. Exeter’s first cupboard revolutions facilitate your passions safely. Nominate something you want to blow up for the greater good and we might just do it for you. Leave your nominations at the box office and give us a good reason why you took the step.”

Volkhardt Müller, January 2010


Scene 1 / Paradigm Shift

Scene 2 / Genesis

Scene 3 / Rationalising the Institution

Listen to the artist’s interview on Exeters Phonic FM and read exiled writer Jason Kennedy‘s response to the cupboard revolutions.