1Feedback 2002, monitors, cameras, live feed with electroacoustic feedback

A live body is surrounded by a set of cameras connected to monitors, magnifying, fragmenting and re-framing it. Electroacoustic feedback emanates between camera mics and TVs. It is altered by the movements of the performer in the centre, who in turn responds to the electroacoustic environment. Feedback is perpetual as well as static in the way a sculpture or a painting would be. Moments of ephemeral beauty give way to drastic images, failure follows achievement and embrace follows collision between the soft machine of the body and the dependant hardware.


Eudaimonia by Blind Ditch 2004

Eudaimonia is a sculpture-installation for two performers and a further development from Feedback. Eudaimonia introduces a choreographic score as well as text projections responsive to the electroacoustic Feedback. A sustained effort in construction for the performers, the work plays on the idealisation and deconstruction of the human body, juxtaposing a 2000 year old iconography with an incisive and hard to control technological hybrid space.