Hothouse Residency



The Magnificent Company of the Taunton Table, with Sean Borodale 2006. Table, twelve course meal, movers, shakers, video projection

Hothouse – a one year residency for three artists  to invigorate the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre in Taunton with new ideas for contemporary arts practice and curation. Hothouse proved a great opportunity to look at the many aspects of the venue as a whole and its role within the region and to work free from the constraints of a particular arts practice. As a result I produced a great variety of work in terms of form and content, both collaboratively  and as an individual. Some of the tangible outcomes were

The Magnificient Company of the Taunton Table

Antistatic Festival


Concrete atrocities for an unsuspecting public

Brewhouse Bakehouse

When I am in Spain I dream of Spitzbergen

The signage

The final exhibition