Triparks 2008/09




“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Volkhardt who not only opened my eyes to a different and unusual way of seeing things but also in a way that I could whole heartedly relate to.
Ian Brooker, area ranger Dartmoor National Park Authorities



Threshhold -Gateway to the Moor. Walking with Hugh Nankivell, June 23rd-25th 2008.


.“I find rural Devon both pretty and quite literally, exclusive. Its windy lanes are flanked by impenetrable hedgerows with cars shooting past like bullets through a bobsled run. Walking works best on predetermined routes accessed by car. Cycling is generally dangerous(…)an ancient infrastructure shaped by a particular topography and 21st century car traffic/attitudes lets much of  Devon’s country site appear as succession of disconnected cream tea hot spots, romantic vistas, and smallish circular routes. This fragmented “presentation” of landscape can happen at the expense of the spontaneous encounters and explorations the in-between can offer. This is where I come from before I get up on the moor.” From the residency journal

I was one of six artists selected to work in one of three UK national parks – Dartmoor, Exmoor and Northumberland. The Triparks project brief was to produce work “that explores people-place-time, and which provokes-relates-reveals.” Resident artists on Dartmoor were Hugh Nankivell and myself. During the one year residency periods of research alongside the National Park Authorities and regular exchanges between the artists were actively encouraged by Aune Head Arts.


Swinedown Walk

Square I/ The History of it