Square I/ The History of it


‘At some point I noticed the shifting scale of the landscape. Short of immediate reference points, Dartmoor arguably tends to appear a much wider landscape than it actually is. It shrinks and expands in front of our eyes as we try and fail to measure it against sky and sheep. Standing on a hilltop the lonely walker projects themselves in a straight line towards seemingly far off horizons and beyond. This desire is a romantic theme that Dartmoor has the power to instil in many of us.’



Square I/ The History of it – East Dart River, Sandy Hole Pass 2008. Mining debris on granite bolder. Video projection and photographic stills for gallery.

Walkers on the High Moor perceived the wall as a relic of historic relevance rather than a brand new artwork. For those unfamiliar with the landscape, it is very difficult to judge the size of the structure from a distance. Focussing on the appearance of the work in the morning sun, the video projection transcribes a landscape experience of shifting scale and “romantic” trajectories into a gallery environment. Journal extracts from the process..

PAL TEMPLATE 3 pics across

Square I/ The History of it – stills from video projection 2008