Swinedown Walk


turf out 1

Swinedown Walk, 2008. Volunteers taking a SE-bearing and removing 1m turf sections marked for transport and assemblage.

An 85mx0.4m strip of Dartmoor was removed from farmer Chris Stacey’s land Swine Down by Hound Tor and placed diagonally across Armada Way in the Centre of Plymouth for one day.  Cut to fit the Plymouth environment Swinedown Walk left the City Centre’s imprint on the moor. An edit of this “imprint” was simultameaously displayed on the Big Screen. At night fall the turf was repatriated back to the moor.


tryptich 2

Swinedown Walk, 2008. Top: End points of turf strip on the moor & in Plymouth, numbered sections on Armada Way. Bottom: installation with video on BBC big screen

large landscape

Below: Re-fitting the turf on Dartmoor

turf back 1




More images:

extraction team/Dartmoor


farmer Chris Stacey with turf segment

turf/big screen/civic centre

central reservation, Royal Parade

front to back: pedestrian walkway -central reservation Royal Parade -Armada Way

installation 2

turf ready for “repatriation”

re-fitting team Dartmoor