VANLAND by Blind Ditch was conceived as a project that combines film making with young people in rural locations with the provision of a mobile screening facility, the iconic Vanland caravan. Funded for three years to begin with, VANLAND has become a respected and well known brand of its own and despite the caravan having been de-comissioned in 2007, VANLAND is still very much alive.

I was involved  from the planning stages, played a key role in drawing up and building the caravan, and when the filming started I became a key facilitator to the majority of films we produced.  VANLAND pretty much coincided with my arrival in the UK, which meant that I was given an opportunity to intensively engage with the young people of Devon in order to explore their circumstances creatively. This experience taught me a tremendous amount about my new country of choice and it has been formative for the way I engage with it. The documentary film explains the project and reflects our activities through the eyes of our partners at the youth services and in the council.